"Many triangles" problem answer

Answers to the Many triangles problem

Number of right triangles: 20

abj, afj, dcp, dtp, jbk, jfk, gmk, hmk, gmn, hmn, cpn, tpn
bfh, gfh, gth, cth, fbg, hbg, hgc, tgc

Number of isosceles triangles: 14

abf, dct, bkf, gkh, gnh, cnt, bkg, fkh, gnc, hnt
bhc, fgt, kgn, khn

Total number of triangles : 38

abj, afj, bjk, fjk, gkm, hkm, gnm, hnm, cnp, tnp, cpd, tpd, bkg, fkh, gnc, hnt, baf, cdt
abk, afk, dcn, dtn
bkf, gkh, gnh, cnt
bfh, gfh, fbg, hbg, ght, cht, hgc, tcg
fgt, bhc
gkn, hkn